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  • This circuit is a simple digital volume control. The integrated circuit DS1669 is the one that increases or reduces the volume by means of two push buttons.

  • With this circuit we recompense the human ear deficiency to perceive less sharp and less deep tones of those that a melody really has at low volume.

  • We present you a retro assembly. This circuit was absolutely necessary years ago for us to listen to our vinyl discs. We all know what a preamplifier is, but what about R.I.A.A? R.I.A.A is a “Recording Industry Association of America”.

  • This circuit is made to protect the speakers from the "pump" inconvenience, that is produced in some amplifiers while they are on.

  • This simple circuit is based on the well-known integrated circuit LM3915.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items