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  • This circuit is made up of two integrated circuits: an analogue to digital converter (CA3162), and a decoder of seven segments (CA3161).

  • That simple power supply is based on the usual 12 volts 7812 voltage regulator.

  • That power supply may be configured, because depending on our voltage regulator, we’ll get more and less current at its output.

  • With the familiar LM338K voltage regulator and a high-powered transistor, the 2N6031, we have set up a powerful 10-amp variable power supply.

  • This precise full-wave-rectifier is a circuit made to rectify those values that a normal bridge rectifier cannot rectify.The diminution of the diode bridge rectifier’s typical power is (obviously, it depends on the type of the diodes) of the 0,7 volts-an approximate value.

  • This circuit is composed of two integrated circuits. A digital analogue converter (CA3162) and a seven segment decoder (CA3161).

  • The project that we present here is a meter of volts, amps and watts, to which we have also incorporated a temperature sensor to activate a fan, or other mechanism that we want, through a relay.

  • With a simple circuit and a microcontroller pic, 16F873A model, we designed this digital voltmeter in addition to any power source.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items