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  • Here we leave you an illustration of the color codes of resistors and capacitors and their different types of recordings in the body of the componenetees for their correct reading.

  • When we have an audio circuit, it is necessary, for the better shielding, and to avoid unnecessary noise, to create a ground plane.

  • A resistive divider is an electric circuit to which we join a voltage and so obtain its reduction.

  • In the following graph we can see how the electromagnetic waves are distributed, from the wave length 0 to 10, and at least six nanometres of gamma rays.

  • The integrated circuit CD4040 is a programmable divider. Its mission is to divide the present frequency in pin 10.

  • With this simple tutorial we’ll construct an entrance to the computer to make it usable like an oscilloscope. We shall transform our PC into oscilloscope.

  • To program the microcontrollers we need hardware and software that can program our microcontroller model. We’ll first explain the hardware model with the circuit PICs programmer which we described at this web page, and then we’ll learn how to use special software to program the microcontrollers which works perfectly with the programmer we propose you.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items