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How to turn on atx power supply

It’s quite simple to use, as a normal power supply, the PC power supply when we need 5 or 12 volts, which are the powers given to us by connectors from the power source ATX.

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Only thing we have to do is to turn on the power supply manually. To do this, we’ll look at the 20 or 24 pin connector from this ATX sources.

Conector ATX

To be more precise, we’ll look at the green cable, the one that turns on the power supply when it’s connected to the ground.

So, we need a little cable between the green cable and any of the black cables, which is the ground. This is how we turn on a power supply ATX.

Cable de conexión encendido fuente de alimentación ATX

MWe make measurements at the extremes of the connectors to see which power we have. Remember that red cable is +5 volts and the yellow one is +12 volts; the black cables are, obviously, negative pole.

We measure the power between the red one and the black one (5,24 volts). It’s not that bad.

5 voltios

Now we measure the power between the yellow one and the black one (10,66!!!). This is an awful power supply! No wonder it’s so dark in there.

12 voltios

Finally, we placed a Molex connector to pull out 5 volts in this case, to power another machine.

Conector molex