Fan regulator with potentiometer

This is a simple and a very useful circuit to slow down the PC fans and remove the noise.

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DesignSchema and circuit
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It is placed between the motherboard, processor fan, and the box fan.

We recommend you to use a program to monitor the temperature of the processor and of the motherboard, and to vary the speed of the fans to obtain an acceptable compromise between the noise and the temperature.

The wiring diagram.

Esquema regulador de ventiladores con potenciómetro

The circuit board.

Circuito regulador de ventiladores con potenciómetro

A photo of the printed circuit board with one of the mounted channels.

Foto regulador de ventiladores con potenciómetro

The scheme and the circuit board should be in the same folder and they should have the same name, you should only change the extension to .sch for the scheme and to .brd for the circuit board, this way both of them will be recognized and associated by Eagle.

The file to download is compressed, to extract it, you should enter a password:

If you don´t know how to make a printed circuit boards click here.