Digital Ammeter

This circuit is made up of two integrated circuits: an analogue to digital converter (CA3162), and a decoder of seven segments (CA3161).

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DesignSchema and circuit
Supply voltage12 Volts

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The power supply is 5 volts c.c. and features only two settings, R2 - 47k used to initiate the displays .
To do this, we have to short circuit the ammeter input device and turn slowly R2, until we can read 0-0-0 in the displays.

Use the resistor R1 to calibrate the current level. Later we will see how to regulate. The circuit is designed to integrate it into our power supply.

We now need to have a look at a typical configuration of a power supply.

Here is the outline sketch:

Esquema fuente de alimentación

Transformer, rectifier, filter, regulator, and output capacitor.For our circuit to run on this power supply we would have to do a little overhaul.

That modification consists in inserting a resistance between the capacitor C1 and the regulator, but in ground line.

Esquema fuente de alimentación con resistencia

Between the terminals of R1 we will extract two wires and lead them to the ammeter intake.

Have a look.

Esquema fuente de alimentación con bornes entre la resistencia

The value of that resistor R1 will give us the full scale of the ammeter.

With a resistance of 0.1 Ohm we get a scale of 0 to 10 Amperes. And with a 1 ohm resistor the scale range is 0 to 1 Amperes. The resistor must be 5 Watts and 1% tolerance.

The wiring diagram.

Esquema amperímetro digital

And the circuit board.

Circuito amperímetro digital

A picture of our ammeter in one of our power supplies.
This power supply has a digital voltmeter (red) and a digital ammeter (green).

Fotografía amperímetro digital

The scheme and the circuit board should be in the same folder and they should have the same name, you should only change the extension to .sch for the scheme and to .brd for the circuit board, this way both of them will be recognized and associated by Eagle.

The file to download is compressed, to extract it, you should enter a password:

If you don´t know how to make a printed circuit boards click here.