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  • This precise full-wave-rectifier is a circuit made to rectify those values that a normal bridge rectifier cannot rectify.The diminution of the diode bridge rectifier’s typical power is (obviously, it depends on the type of the diodes) of the 0,7 volts-an approximate value.

  • This circuit is composed of two integrated circuits. A digital analogue converter (CA3162) and a seven segment decoder (CA3161).

  • The project that we present here is a meter of volts, amps and watts, to which we have also incorporated a temperature sensor to activate a fan, or other mechanism that we want, through a relay.

  • This circuit allows us to connect a 128x64 display with the PC parallel port.

  • This circuit is used for switching a computer or any other device which start operating by a click, after a blackout (when power is restored).

  • This circuit is based on the infrared receiver IS471F. The running principle of the circuit is easy.The transmitter is an infrared LED that emits a modulated signal monitored by the 4-pin of the IS471F.

  • This is a simple and a very useful circuit to slow down the PC fans and remove the noise.

Showing 37 - 43 of 43 items