• When we have an audio circuit, it is necessary, for the better shielding, and to avoid unnecessary noise, to create a ground plane.

  • 2x10W amplifier LA4280.

  • With this simple tutorial we’ll construct an entrance to the computer to make it usable like an oscilloscope. We shall transform our PC into oscilloscope.

  • This circuit is a simple digital volume control. The integrated circuit DS1669 is the one that increases or reduces the volume by means of two push buttons.

  • To program the microcontrollers we need hardware and software that can program our microcontroller model. We’ll first explain the hardware model with the circuit PICs programmer which we described at this web page, and then we’ll learn how to use special software to program the microcontrollers which works perfectly with the programmer we propose you.

  • This circuit can be set up in any computer you want to switch on/off by bringing your finger or any object close to the sensor.

  • Digital clock with pic 16F84A.

  • A resistive divider is an electric circuit to which we join a voltage and so obtain its reduction.

  • With this circuit we recompense the human ear deficiency to perceive less sharp and less deep tones of those that a melody really has at low volume.

  • Twilight switch with 12F629 microcontroller .

  • That power supply may be configured, because depending on our voltage regulator, we’ll get more and less current at its output.

  • Based on the Countdown with LCD 2x16, we have made this variant of the countdown. The countdown circuit, or the backwards counting we shall describe, shows the visualisation of the backwards counting on four 7 segment displays.

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